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CLICK (in as Music) Heer (in as Music) Posh Boy (in as Music) Maa (in as Music) Desperado (in as Music) Dawn (in as Lyricist) Tutte Dil (in as Music) Bro Chal Koi Na 2 (in as Lyricist, Music) Remand (in as Music) Supna (in as Lyricist, Music) Viah (in as Music) Maa (in as Music) Care Na Kare (in as Music) Saroor (in as Lyricist, Music) Malwe De Shor (in as Lyricist, Music) Intro (in as Lyricist) Call Vs Kaal (in as Lyricist) Death Call (in as Lyricist) Pehla Pyaar (in as Singer, Lyricist) Ik Dard (in as Lyricist)

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