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Singles Songs of Munna Dubey

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Shantala (Hindi) (in as Singer) Naahi Aile Faguaa Me Bhatar (in as Lyricist) Valentines Day Special Romantic Songs (in as Lyricist) Saiyan Superstar (in as Lyricist) Qahar (in as Lyricist) Prithvi Raj (in as Lyricist) Pujari Mahakaal Ke (in as Lyricist, Music) Mahakal Ke Pujari (in as Lyricist, Music) Lahariya Loota Ae Raja Ji 2 (in as Lyricist, Music) Jija Ji Rang Dala (in as Lyricist) Jaanu Meri Jaan (in as Lyricist) Dilwar (in as Lyricist) Chali Re Chali Me To Bhole Ki Gali (in as Lyricist) Chadh Gaya Bhole Ka Rang (in as Music) Bhauji Bar Bar Dekhe Tumhari Bahana (in as Lyricist) Bhakt Kinaram Ka (in as Lyricist) Bhojpuri Valentines Day Special 2018 (in as Lyricist) Rakhiha Kushal Chhathi Maiya (in as Music) Rakhiha Kushal Chhathi Maiya (in as Music) Kamariya Mein Dihala Daradiya (in as Label) Kaise Piya Chhath Hola (in as Music) Garam Bhail Jobanwa - Bhojpuri Hot Non Stop (in as Lyricist) Best Item Songs - New Year Dhamaka 2017 (in as Lyricist) Pujali Maiya Ghare Ghare (in as Lyricist, Music) Rajeev Bole Bam Bam Bhole (in as Lyricist) Maa Ke Lali Chunariya (in as Lyricist, Music) Bhakti Rang Rajeev Mishra Ke Sang (in as Lyricist) Dil Ke Dictionary Mashup (in as Lyricist, Music) Pagal Manwa Re (in as Lyricist) Jhule Nimiya Pe Sato Bahiniya (in as Lyricist)

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