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Convict (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) The Last Ride (in as Music) Wahzirinthehood (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Sunburn (in as Music) Bajwa Duet (in as Music) Villian (in as Singer, Music) Bae (in as Singer, Music) Niggh (in as Lyricist, Music) Defcon. 1 (in as Music) Rose Bud (in as Music) Dawn (in as Music) Janaza (in as Singer, Music, Label) Gaani (in as Music) Tera Door Ni Canada (in as Music) Changi Ni Kiti (in as Music) Kingpin (in as Music) Limited Edition (in as Music) Never Hope (in as Music) SAJNA DA SHEHAR (in as Singer) Chan Banke (in as Singer, Music, Label) Goat (original) (in as Music) Malwa Block Full (in as Music) Malwa Block (in as Music) PIND HOOD DAMN GOOD (MALWA BLOCK INTRO) (in as Music) Moosetape Intro (in as Music) Notorious (in as Singer, Music, Label) Aapna Hi Shehar (in as Singer, Music, Label) Tere Baad (in as Singer, Music, Label) Aunda Punjab (in as Music) Utte Di Cheez (in as Music)

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