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Chandigarh Aa Ke Vigde (in as Lyricist) Fuel (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music) Adhe Pind Ne (in as Singer, Lyricist) Just Us (in as Lyricist, Music) Mad For You (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) 11:11 (in as Singer) Naa Lai Ke (in as Singer, Lyricist) Nazare (in as Singer, Lyricist) Kicks (in as Singer, Lyricist) Paisa (in as Singer, Lyricist) Limited Edition (in as Lyricist) Goodwill (in as Lyricist) No Spoongiri (in as Lyricist) New Year Party Playlist (in as Singer) Peshi (in as Lyricist) Party Karni Hai (in as Singer) Same Blood (in as Lyricist) Gulab (in as Lyricist) Open Head (Album Rewind) (in as Lyricist) Uchhe Kirdar (in as Lyricist) I Wanna Nothing (in as Lyricist) No Spoongiri (in as Lyricist) Medal (in as Lyricist)

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