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Revenge (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Phulkari (in as Lyricist, Label) Phulkari (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) You Know (in as Lyricist) Raund (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music) Saddam (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music) King Drip (in as Lyricist) Raula (in as Lyricist) 8 Raflaan (Club Version) (in as Lyricist) Yakke (in as Singer, Lyricist) Band Theke (in as Lyricist) For You (in as Lyricist) 7 Raniyan (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Go With The Flow (in as Lyricist) Das Puchh K (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Ludo (in as Lyricist, Label) Without You (in as Lyricist) Rubtaa (in as Lyricist) Kari Phone (in as Singer, Lyricist) Munda Sardaran Da (in as Lyricist) Cheley (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Sunakha Jawai (in as Singer, Lyricist) Masla Dil Da (in as Label) Band Theke (in as Lyricist) Mithi Dhun (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Chicago (1 Min Music) (in as Singer, Lyricist) Never Die (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Islamabad (in as Lyricist, Label) Punjab Anthem (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Wanted (in as Lyricist)

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