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Albums And Songs of Shabad

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Them Boys (in as Singer, Label) Ek Onkar (in as Lyricist) Promise Kar (in as Singer) Gtr (in as Singer) God Bless You (in as Singer) Mere Ton Sohni (in as Singer, Music) Shabad Kirtan - Mohammed Rafi (in as Lyricist) Nasro Guru Gobind Singh Ji (in as Music) Teri Ote (in as Lyricist) Guru Ram Das Jayanti (in as Lyricist) Man Jeete Jag Jeet (in as Lyricist) Thakur Tum Sarnai Aaya (in as Lyricist) Simran Bin Gota Khayoge (in as Lyricist) Satguru Ton Balihare Jaavan (in as Lyricist) Satguru Main Teri Patang (in as Lyricist) Hajrat Sultan Baahu Aur Chattar Das Ji (in as Lyricist) Guru Ki Mahima (in as Lyricist)

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