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Albums And Songs of Satti Khokhewalia

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Ishq Di Ep (in as Singer, Lyricist) Dila Wale (in as Lyricist, Label) Kaum De 2 Yodhe (in as Label) Dilan Nal Khed Di Fire (in as Label) Ghaint Ghaint Suit (in as Lyricist) Yaar (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Je Nachna Ta (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Gabru (Thumke 2022) (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Mitran Ne Sab Vekheya (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Shoppinga (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Husan (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Akh Teri (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Nose Pin (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Traale (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) 24 Carat Gold (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Golden Sparrow (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Pinda De Nazare (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Pyar Ho Geya (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Jhumke (Thumke 2022) (in as Label) Photo (Thumke 2022) (in as Lyricist, Label) Jitt (in as Lyricist) Natural Beauty (in as Label) Ki Kariye (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Gura Da Janam Dihara (in as Label) Thumke 2020 (in as Singer, Lyricist) Thumke 2019 (in as Singer) Nawa Saal Sukh Da (in as Lyricist, Label) Tu Nachdi (in as Lyricist) Gabru Boliyan Paaveh (in as Singer, Lyricist) Dhan Dhan Baba Nanak (in as Lyricist)

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