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Dil Di Gal (in as Label) Gallan Pyaar Diyaan (in as Label) Shagna Di Mehndi (in as Singer, Label) Memories (in as Singer, Music, Label) Ik Tere Wargi (in as Singer, Label) Dabbi Chandi Di (in as Singer, Label) Nikal Jaana (in as Label) Channa Veh Channa (in as Label) Mundeya Ve (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) O Sheth (in as Lyricist, Music, Label) The Folk Mashup (in as Singer, Music, Label) Vivo Ke Mobile Par Bhatar Khojeli (in as Label) Tohara Se Pyaar Kake (in as Label) Saman Khrab Ba (in as Label) Patang (in as Label) Lahanga Me Lagal Ba Daag (in as Label) Dil Me Chubhe (in as Label) Chand Jaisan Chehra (in as Label) Bhauji Vivo Ke Mobile Pe (in as Label) Bhataar Jab Bahara Se Aawe (in as Label) Bap Re Baap (in as Label) Intaa Se Dil Kooch Debu Ka (in as Label) Holi Hai (in as Label) Hello Goriya (in as Label) Vober Doria (in as Singer) Aamar Khaadi (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Aamar Khaadi (in as Singer, Music, Label) Tuzyakade (in as Label) People - Single (in as Singer, Label) Naam Mera Kronik (in as Singer, Label)

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