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Jananiye (in as Music) Sroor (in as Music, Label) Dimple Cute (in as Music) Good Think (in as Music) Peche (in as Music) Chehra (in as Music) Saade Aale (in as Music) Saade Aale (Title Track) (in as Music) Mulakatan (in as Music) Shikaar (in as Music) Vaaje Aale (in as Music) Sardarni (in as Music, Label) Votan (in as Music) Fake Case (in as Music) Reply Jija To Sali (in as Music) Ego (in as Label) Dheean (in as Label) Yaari Daade Potte Di (in as Music) Jaguar (in as Music) Yaad Sajna Di 2 (in as Music) Love of Seven Births (in as Music, Label) Shardanjali (in as Music, Label) Sukhmani Dhindsa (in as Music, Label) Sikh Kaum Da Itihaas (in as Music, Label) Kandha Boldiyan (in as Music, Label) Veere (in as Music) Remand (in as Music) Dunali Ch Gulab (in as Music) Red Rose (in as Label) Vodka (in as Music)

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