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The Boss Lady (in as Music) Majnu (in as Music, Label) Raza (in as Music) Bapu Tere Karke 2 (in as Music, Label) Shareek 2 (in as Music) Musafir (Shareek 2) (in as Music) Kaali Car (in as Music) Tu Chahida (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Jatt Brothers (in as Music) Full Nazaare (in as Music, Label) Dil Di Gall (in as Label) Saah (in as Music) Deewana (in as Music, Label) Koi Mere Warga (in as Music, Label) Jhalleya Dila (in as Music) Taareyan Naal Galbaat (in as Music, Label) Nikke Nikke Khalsey (in as Music, Label) Jhooth Bolda (in as Music) Mere Baare (in as Music, Label) Honsla Rakh Title Track (in as Music) Time Ni Lagna (in as Music, Label) Gallan Bholiyan (in as Music) Dastaan E Ishq (in as Music) Yaar Sharabi (in as Music) Engagement (in as Music, Label) Gundeyan Di Gaddi (in as Music) Thodda Pyar (in as Music) Roka (majak Thodi Ae Album) (in as Music) Duldi Sharab (in as Music) Ki Lagdi Teri (in as Music)

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