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Solo (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Lahare Ke Na Chahi (in as Singer, Label) Agla (Kayia Layi) (in as Singer, Label) Psand Aa Gya (in as Label) Bad Character (in as Label) Refugee Jatt (in as Label) Vadda Kaara (in as Label) Yaar Tohar Duwa Deta (in as Singer, Label) Madai Me Garai Khatiya (in as Singer, Label) Majanuwa Hamar (in as Singer, Label) Daradiya Karata Kalai (in as Singer, Label) Rang Gire Lagal Niche (in as Singer, Label) Khunti Gadta Chaiyat Mein (in as Singer, Label) Vidai Dao Ogo Sajani (in as Label) Shri Krishna Janam (in as Label) Sokher Bou Naiti Pore (in as Label) Amar Moner Khatate (in as Label) Amra Holam Manush Jati Manush (in as Label) Maa Durga (in as Label) Jai Bajrangbali (in as Label) Jodi Amar Moner Ek Baar Phir (in as Label) Joy Maa Durge (in as Label) Bom Bom (in as Label) Baul Lokogiti (in as Label) Ginni Amay Bole Benaroshi (in as Label) Rajistariya (in as Label) Ami Abar Asibo (in as Label) Padakwa Ke Luti (in as Singer, Label) Oracle (TNT Remix) (in as Label) Maiya Ke Aarti Utar Ke Ja (in as Singer, Label)

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