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Gun House (in as Music) 2-4 (in as Music) Pakistan (in as Music) Parche (in as Singer, Music) Majestic Lane (in as Music) Na Na Karde Bull Sukde (in as Music) Ohi A Ni Ohi A (in as Music) Fateh Anthem (in as Singer) Glock (in as Music) Ruger (in as Singer, Music) Criminal (in as Singer, Music) Bahla Changa (in as Singer) Mannda Ee Ni (feat. Happy Raikoti) (in as Singer) Yes or No (feat. Shree Brar) (in as Singer) Mannda Ee Ni (in as Singer) Feem Aali Dabbi (in as Music) Girlfriend (in as Singer, Music) Top 20 Punjabi Hits (in as Music) Teen Munde (in as Music) Triple AAA (in as Music) Top 10 - 2019 (in as Music) The Very Best Of Amrit Maan (in as Music) Tabaahi (in as Music) Tere Nain Sharabi - Punjabi Hits Songs (in as Music) Top Hits - Baisakhi Special (in as Music) Sohnea 2 And Other Hits (in as Music) Saga Top Hits (in as Singer) Sade Kehra Chalde Truck (in as Music) Shirley Setia And Mankirat Aulakh - Top Hits (in as Music) Sab Fade Jange And Other Hits (in as Music)

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