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Mitha Mitha (in as Singer) Siharana (in as Singer) Tu Ki Sie (in as Singer, Music) Saralartha (in as Singer, Music) Najara Jebe Miseilu (in as Singer, Music) Chal Janhare Gharate Kariba (in as Singer, Music) Raja Sakhi (in as Singer) Mana Maina (in as Singer, Music) Kandhamalara Sundri Tume (in as Singer) Aanki Deli Tate Bhagya Rekhare (in as Singer, Music) Sun Mahiya (in as Singer) Hai Tor Najariya (in as Singer, Music) Kemiti Bhulibi Prema Ku Tora (in as Singer, Music) Pagala Karichi Paunji Toro (in as Singer) Balika Badhu (in as Singer, Music) Cham Cham Chali (in as Music) O Ji Raja Ji (in as Singer) Maa Rana Tama Style Chokha (in as Music) Mun To Premare Padijaichi (in as Singer) Kie Tate Gadhi Dela (in as Music) To Padara Alata Kahuchi (in as Singer) Iss Prema Haijaichi (in as Music) Nida Ku Kala Chuna Chuna (in as Music) Tora E Hasa Re Aji (in as Music)

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