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Bhuj The Pride Of India (in as Music) Diwali Fireworks (in as Music) Dance Syndrome (in as Music) De De Pyaar De (in as Music) Kaashi (in as Music) Hum Chaar (in as Music) Vaddi Sharaban (De De Pyaar De) (in as Music) Bam Bam Bole Kaashi (Kaashi) (in as Music) Daas Dev (in as Music) Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana (in as Music) Wah Taj! (in as Singer, Music) Legal Don (in as Singer, Music) Laal Rang (in as Singer, Music) Breakup Collection (in as Music) Bollywood Diaries (in as Singer, Music) Main Aur Charles (in as Music) Bollywood Hits (in as Music) Ye Stupid Pyar (in as Music) Luv U Soniyo (in as Music)

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