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Sree Shiv Putra Ganesha - Telugu Ganesha Bhajan (in as Label) Thumke 2020 (in as Label) Tere Nain Sharabi - Punjabi Hits Songs (in as Label) Maa Diye Moortiye (Punjabi Mata Bhents) (in as Label) Kala Doriya - Punjabi Folk Songs (in as Label) I Am Your Heer - Punjabi Love Songs (in as Label) Har Ko Naam Sada Sukhdayi - Gurbani By Jagjit Singh (in as Label) Shahrukh Khan One (in as Label) Sound Of Nation - Indian Classical Greats (in as Label) Sentimental - Sentimental Songs Collection (in as Label) Somvar (Aartis, Mantras, Shlokas Bhajans) (in as Label) Ajay Devgan Hit Story (in as Label) Alka Yagnik Hit Story (in as Label) Alisha Chinai Hit Story (in as Label) Anil Kapoor Hit Story (in as Label) Asha Bhosle Hit Story (in as Label) Aamir Khan Hit Story (in as Label) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Greatest Hits (in as Label) Anu Malik Hit Story (in as Label) Abhijeet Hit Story (in as Label) Anuradha Paudwal Hit Story (in as Label) Amitabh Bachchan - Greatest Hits (in as Label) Amma Dekh (in as Label) Aaj Zid Kar Raha Hai Dil: Romantic Hits (in as Label) Aaj Zid Kar Raha Hai Dil - Romantic Hits (in as Label) Preity Zinta Hit Story (in as Label) Pankaj Udhas Ghazal (in as Label) Om Shree Ganesha - Mantras, Bhajans And Aartis (in as Label) Nadeem Shravan Hit Story (in as Label) Navratra - Mata Bhajans (in as Label)

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