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B Double (in as Music) Limited Edition (in as Music) Friend or Foe (Handu Landu) (in as Music, Label) Yaaran Baare (in as Music) Pappi Sareer (The Sinner Body) (in as Music) Dastan (in as Music) Mustang (in as Music) Danger Life (in as Music) Sarb Loh (in as Music, Label) Majha Malwa Doaba (in as Music, Label) Photo (in as Label) Khitaab (in as Music) Banda Kaun A (in as Music) Arjan (in as Music, Label) Jail (in as Music) Yamraaj (in as Music) Swarg (in as Music) Jatt Da Valentine (in as Music) Tera Chandigarh (in as Music) Mehram (in as Music) Gaddiyan (in as Music)

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