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The Gamer's Grooves (in as Starring) The Tanglish Express (in as Starring) Summer Vibes: Upbeat (in as Starring) Summer Vibes: Melody (in as Starring) Mann Vaasanai (in as Starring) Masakkali (in as Singer) Tamizh Padam 2.0 (in as Starring) Best of Love : Anirudh Ravichander (in as Starring) Chill Level : Anirudh Ravichander (in as Starring) Vasham (in as Singer) Kollybeat - Peppy Tamil Collection (in as Starring) Remix Rajas (in as Starring, Lyricist) Town (in as Singer) Thamizh Padam (in as Starring) C.V. Kumar Hits (in as Starring) Shri Hanuman - Sankat Mochan (in as Singer) Shalini (in as Label) Chennai City Gangsta (in as Starring) Ultimate Kadhal (2017) (in as Starring) Coach No.9 (in as Singer) Hits of 2016 (in as Starring) Odhani Hatake (in as Singer, Lyricist) Guldasta By Shiva (in as Singer) Best of Bollywood And Tamil (in as Starring) Cute Boy (in as Singer) Shiv Lahiri Har Mahadev - Shiv Bhajan (in as Singer) Kanna Pinna (in as Starring) Lajja (in as Starring) Manmohan Murliwala - Krishna Bhajans (in as Singer) Mr. Karthik (in as Label) Journey 2 (in as Label) Rendaksharalu (in as Label) Doston Ke Liye - Friendship Day Special (in as Music) Dharma (in as Singer) Baba Nanak (in as Music)

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