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Unwind with Soulful Ghazals (in as Lyricist) Classic Ghazals (in as Lyricist) Shama Jalaye Rakhna - Bhupinder Singh (in as Lyricist) Mehfil Live In Concerts Jagjit Chitra Vol. 1 (in as Lyricist) Shaam-e-Jagjit - Vol. 1 (in as Lyricist) Jagjit Singh Special (in as Lyricist) Jazbaat - Talat Aziz (in as Lyricist) Jazbaat - Bhupinder Mitali (in as Lyricist) Solah Satra (in as Lyricist) King of Ghazals - Jagjit Singh (in as Lyricist) Magical Moments (in as Lyricist) Mehfil-E-Ghazal - Talat Aziz (in as Lyricist) Selfie With Jagjit Singh (in as Lyricist) Essential - Ghazals (Vol. 2) (in as Lyricist) The Voice From Beyond (in as Lyricist, Music) Numaaish (Vol.1) (in as Lyricist) Khazana (Vol. 5) (in as Lyricist) Humsafar By Pankaj Udhas (in as Lyricist) Shukrana - The Best Of Jagjit Singh Ever - Vol. 6 (in as Lyricist) Officer (OST) (in as Music) Kaif (in as Music) Jagjit Singh Presents Talat Aziz (in as Music) Vehshate Dil (in as Music) The Great Ghazals (in as Music) Rafta Rafta (in as Music) Jam Chalne Lage (in as Music) Gulshan -E- Ghazal (in as Music) Shamakhana Vol. 2 : A Live Mehfil Of Ghazals (in as Music) Main Ghazal Hoon (in as Music) Alfaaz ( Words ) (in as Music)

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