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Dil Zaffran (in as Music) Magical Voice of S P Balasubrahmanyam (in as Starring) Rajaratham (in as Starring) Rajaratha (in as Starring) Athiratha (in as Starring) Raja Loves Radhe (in as Starring) Automatic Choli (in as Singer, Music) Koshi Ke Beta (in as Singer, Music) Oruvan (in as Lyricist) Sarkar 3 (in as Music) India | Once Upon a Time (in as Singer) Oru Tharam Udayamakirathu (in as Singer) Full Sewa (in as Music) Snehathathan (in as Singer) Romantic Love Songs (in as Starring) Facebook (in as Music) D.J Night (in as Music) Chandigarh Waliye (in as Music) Vallavanukkum Vallavan (in as Singer) Tiger (in as Starring) Phullan Di Barsat (in as Music) Santhu Straight Forward (in as Singer) Reappear (in as Music) Mandran Ch Nachdi Firan (in as Music) College (in as Music) Tractor (in as Music) Kanjoos Jija (in as Music) DJ Floor (in as Music) Mood Vich Punjabi (in as Music) Neerajanam (in as Music) Maa (in as Music) Dabb Vich Asla (in as Music) Navi Khidaran (in as Music) Goli (in as Music) Mansoori (in as Music)

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