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Dil Ko Karaar Aaya (From Sukoon) (in as Lyricist) Sohni Lagdi (in as Lyricist) Move On (in as Lyricist) Hello Hi (in as Lyricist) Thinking (in as Label) Agg (in as Singer, Label) Half Band (in as Label) Hed Chegodi Final (in as Singer, Label) Teri Kami (in as Singer, Label) Bacha (in as Singer, Label) Tea Time with Pritam Chakraborty (in as Singer) Sunday Music - Relaxing Songs For Sunday (in as Singer) Mon Vengecho Keno (in as Singer) Kothay Amar Onjona (in as Singer) Sopno Ase (in as Singer) Je Chilo Shudhui Amar (in as Singer) Sun Ni Dhiye (in as Lyricist) Amader Bhalobasha (in as Singer) Hridoye Hridoye - The Mix Album (in as Music) Kichu Valobasha (in as Singer) All Time Hits Of Raj Brar (in as Lyricist) Poraner Bondhu (in as Music) Tomari Kosom (in as Singer) Boro Betha Dile Onjona (in as Singer) Ekhono Valobashi Tomake (in as Singer) Tumhi Ho Mehboob Mere - Love Song Collection (in as Singer) Stars 2 (in as Singer) Independence Day Special Tollywood (in as Starring) Tutte iPhone Nee - Broken iPhone (in as Singer) Hathyar (in as Lyricist) Millenium Night (in as Singer) Bhawan Maiya Da (in as Lyricist) Mar Jaayen - The Love Collection (Valentines Special) (in as Singer) My Favourites - Love Songs (in as Singer) Republic day Special Tollywood (in as Starring)

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