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Film Hits Of Shyamal Mitra (in as Music) Unforgettable Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Agomonir Gaan - Mahalaya (in as Music) Purano Shei Diner Katha By Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Poetic Pen Of Pulak Banerjee (in as Music) Nostalgia - Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Nabobarsher Abhinandan (in as Music) Mothers Day Special - Bengali (in as Music) Debi Paksher Suchana - Mahalaya (in as Music) Durga Special - Durge Durge Durgatinashini (in as Music) Chirodiner Hemanta - Janma Barshiki Special (in as Music) Chena Pathe Pulak Banerjee-R-Sathe (in as Music) Bone Noy Mone Mor - Hits Of Manabendra Mukherjee (in as Music) Romance With Bengali Heroines (in as Music) Intimate - Love Songs Of Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Hemnatar Gaan (in as Music) Jai Maa Durga - Durga Bandana (in as Music) Baro Sadh Jaage (in as Lyricist) Happy Durga Puja (in as Music) Melody Queen Sandhya Mukherjee (in as Music) Kusumo Dolae Chandrabali Rudra Dutta Devotional (in as Music) Hemanta Mukherjee Bengali Special (in as Music) Mahasweta (in as Music) Pearls of Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Mahanayika Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Krishnna Sudhamaa (in as Music) Muktisnan (in as Music) Manmoyee Girls School (in as Music) Srikrishna Sudama (in as Music) Ashanta Ghurni (in as Music)

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