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Jagat Janani Go Ma (in as Music) Classic 70s Of Manna Dey (in as Music) Bharat Amar Bharat Barsha - Independence Day Special (in as Music) Kaal Joyee Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (in as Music) Ichchhamoyee Tara Tumi (in as Music) Intimate - Love Songs Of Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Gaaner Adda Manna Deyr Sathe (in as Music) Golden Duo - Manna Dey And Pulak Banerjee (in as Music) Glamour Queen Of Silver Screen - Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Manna Dey - The Legend - Bengali (in as Music) Masterpieces - Sizzling Dance Hits By Asha Bhosle (in as Music) Masterpieces - Folk Baul Based Songs By Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Double Dose - Manna Dey and Uttam Kumar (in as Music) Tumi Je Amar - Suchitra Sen Starrer Hits (in as Music) Uttam Kumar - Birthday Special Bengali (in as Music) Ichhamoyee Tara - Devotional Songs of Dhananjay Bhattacharya (in as Music) Shesh Anka (in as Music) Charankabi Mukundadas (in as Music) Pearls of Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Din Jai (in as Music) Rare Gems of Asha (in as Music) Romance Lakshmiti Dohai Tomar Asha Bhosle (in as Music) Mahanayika Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Gulmohor (in as Music) Baro Ma (in as Music) Sandyadeeper Sikha (in as Music) Pita Putra (in as Music) Megh Kalo (in as Music) Abhoya O Srikanta (in as Music) Tumi Je Amar: Suchitra Sen Starrer Hits (in as Music)

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