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Fathers Day Special - Bengali (in as Music) Film Hits Of Shyamal Mitra (in as Music) F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - Uttam Kumar And Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Fascinating Aarti Mukherji (in as Music) Fascinating Manna Dey (in as Music) Unforgettable Manna Dey - Bengali Songs (in as Music) Unforgettable Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Ultimate Romantic Film Duets (in as Music) Takhon Tomar Ekush Bachhar (in as Music) Shudhu Bhalobasha (in as Music) Sona Roder Gaan - Pintoo Bhattacharya (in as Music) Shishir Raat ar Sentiments (in as Music) Shiter Porosh Ar Romance - Vol. 1 (in as Music) Sandhya Mukherjee Signs For Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Amar Shilpi Sonar Gaan Vol-2 (in as Singer) Amar Shilpi Sonar Gaan Vol-4 (in as Music) Amar Shilpi Sonar Gaan Vol-3 (in as Music) Aparna Sen - The Eternal Beauty (in as Music) Aro Adhunik - Vol. 1 (in as Music) Antaheen Aparna Sen (in as Music) Purano Shei Diner Katha By Hemanta Mukherjee (in as Music) Poetic Pen Of Pulak Banerjee (in as Music) Old Music Old Friends (in as Music) Nostalgia - Suchitra Sen (in as Music) Nayak Jakhon Gayak - Biswajit Chatterjee (in as Music) Nabobarsher Abhinandan (in as Music) Mon Je Amar Kemon Kemon Kare (in as Music) Melodic Manabendra Mukherjee (in as Music) Memorable Baul Songs (in as Music) Majhir Gaan (in as Music)

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