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Tum Pe Dil Nisar Ho Gaya (in as Label) The Ghost (From "The Ghost ") (in as Singer, Music) Sarkar Ki Amad Amad Hai (in as Label) Meri Jaan (in as Singer) Madiney Se Aya Hai Ajmair Wala (in as Label) Jashn E Amad E Rasool - Single (in as Label) Baray Peer Kay Dar Pay - Single (in as Label) Kal Ki Hi Baat Hai (in as Singer) Thenkonjal (in as Label) Aaromal Kiliye (in as Label) Namah (in as Singer, Music, Label) Kavilinayil (in as Label) Beta Ladki Pata Le Re (in as Music, Label) Super Hit Selected Enne Songs Collection (in as Singer) Naavella Ondu Baaro Geleya -Friendship Songs (in as Singer) Kisan Di Jugni (in as Lyricist, Label) DB9 (in as Lyricist, Label) Laggiyan Raunkan (in as Label) Password (in as Singer) Noble Man (in as Singer) Noble Man (in as Singer) Vadhaiyan ji Vadhaiyan (in as Label) Char Awkkhorer Gaan (in as Singer, Label) Best of Noble (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa ) (in as Singer) Kotha Jomchhe Tai (Isolation Mix) - Single (in as Singer, Label) Vighnaharta (in as Music) Aai Ekveera (in as Singer) Feel My Love (in as Singer) Fresh Arrivals (in as Starring, Lyricist) Fly With Ur Nani (in as Lyricist)

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