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Thana Sadar (in as Singer) T-Shirt (in as Singer) Jerhe Shadd Gye (in as Music) Sohne Di Pasand (in as Singer) Adha Jisam (in as Music) El Jatt (in as Music) Tara Jadi Chundadi (in as Label) Sone Jaiso Mukhdo (in as Label) Solid Body (in as Music, Label) Payal Ghadade (in as Label) Mohe Chad Gaya Rang (in as Label) Lagade Aaj Thumko (in as Label) Laido Chokho Mobile (in as Label) Jai Baba Ri (in as Label) Janu Janu Bole (in as Label) Bhartari Baba (in as Label) Raati Rang Ko Chudo (in as Label) Kisan Mharo (in as Label) Khatu Mela Mein Moryo Bole (in as Label) Kakisa Mharo Byav Karvado (in as Label) Ghaghro Ghumego (in as Label) Akhan Cho Paani (in as Music) Muchh (in as Music) Vahla Sohna (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Yarri (in as Lyricist) Shere Panjab (in as Label) Hang (in as Singer, Label) Dho Guttan (in as Singer) English Daru (in as Singer)

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