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Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai (in as Lyricist) Na Baba Na (in as Lyricist, Label) Hathyar 2 (in as Lyricist) Limited Edition Intro (capsule) (in as Lyricist) Zinda Han Ma (in as Singer, Lyricist) Siraa (in as Lyricist) Tere Laare (in as Lyricist) Maa Da Dil (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Puaada (in as Lyricist, Music) Kade Kade (in as Lyricist) Addiction (in as Singer) Mannda Ee Ni (in as Singer, Lyricist) Addiction (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Be Ready (in as Lyricist, Label) Tu Nachna (in as Lyricist) Mastiya (in as Lyricist) Allah Maaf Kare (in as Singer, Lyricist) Mohabbtan (in as Singer, Lyricist) Oye Hoye Hoye (in as Lyricist) Apna Viah (in as Lyricist) Kamaal Kari Jaane O (in as Singer, Lyricist) Kisani Hoka (in as Singer, Lyricist, Label) Womens Day Punjabi Hits (in as Lyricist) Valentine Jatt Da (in as Lyricist) Triple AAA (in as Lyricist) Tara Mira (in as Lyricist) The Very Best Of Jassi Gill (in as Lyricist) Top Hits - Baisakhi Special (in as Lyricist) Sanu Aj Kal Shisha Bada Chhed Da (in as Lyricist) Sohnea 2 And Other Hits (in as Lyricist)

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