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Nit Khair Manga ReMastered (in as Singer, Music) Frenzy Fire Vol 1 (in as Singer, Music) Desi Slide (in as Singer, Music) Dupatta (in as Singer, Music) Moose Wala Frenzy (in as Singer, Music, Label) Summer Frenzy Gurdas Maan (in as Singer, Music, Label) Akhil It Up (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music, Label) Mi Gna Bhangra (in as Singer, Music, Label) Ting From Lahore (in as Singer, Music, Label) Love Friday Mix Vol 2 (Christmas Edition) (in as Singer, Music) Ho Gaya Unforgettable (in as Singer, Music) Bouff Lishkareh (in as Singer, Music) High Rated Slide (in as Singer, Music) Nit Khair Manga (in as Singer, Music, Label)

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