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Bazaar Band (in as Singer, Music) Police (in as Singer, Lyricist) We Dont Call 911 (in as Music) Gidra Nu Kaun Puchda (in as Singer, Music) Sarkar (Doorbeen) (in as Music) Karan Aujlas Mixtape (in as Singer, Music) Burn Out (in as Singer, Music) Badmash (in as Music) German Gun (in as Singer, Music) Peak (in as Singer, Music) Purje (in as Music) Kabza (in as Music) Naam Bolda (in as Music) Gangwar (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music) Mucch (in as Music) Zoom (in as Music) Yamraj (in as Music) Banda Maarta (in as Music) Daleri (in as Music) Mashup Remix (in as Music) Difference (in as Music) Hunter (in as Singer, Music) Photoaan Ft. Dj Flow (in as Music) Gunman Ft Dj Flow (in as Music) Gangster (in as Label) Badnaami (in as Music) Rubber Band (in as Music) One Million (in as Music) Meth (in as Music) Publicity (in as Music) Publicity (in as Singer, Music) Chibb Kadd (in as Singer, Music) Peg Di Washna (in as Singer, Music) Haan Kargi (in as Music) Boliyan (in as Music)

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