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Mimi (in as Singer, Music) Hindustani Way (in as Lyricist, Music) Navarasa (in as Singer, Music) Meri Pukaar Suno (in as Singer, Music) 99 Songs (in as Singer, Music) 99 Songs (Tamil) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (in as Singer, Music) 99 Songs (Telugu) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (in as Singer, Music) Eid - Islamic Devotional Songs (in as Singer, Music) Yare Nee Devathe - Love Songs (in as Music) Hits of Shreya Ghoshal (in as Music) God Father (in as Music) Bollywood (in as Singer) Independence Day Special - Bengali (in as Music) Favourite Hits Of Chinmayi (in as Music) Friday Anthems (in as Singer, Music) Fresh Hits (in as Music) 90S Telugu Mega Hits (in as Music) 90s Hits Of A.R. Rahman (in as Music) 90s Special (in as Music) Whistle (in as Singer, Music) Vellipomaakey (in as Music) Verrekkiddam (From "Whistle") (in as Singer, Music) Tollywood Rewind 2000 (in as Singer, Music) The Melody Queen - Chitra Hits (in as Music) Tollywood Hits Of Suriya (in as Music) The Magic Of SPB - Telugu (in as Music) The Master Of Music (in as Music) The Oscar Indian Hero - A.R. Rahman Hits (in as Music) The Magic Of Chinmayi (in as Music) Trendu Maarinaa Friendu Maarade (in as Singer, Music)

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